I build my teaching philosophy on an open and supportive classroom environment with challenging and timely course content and multiple teaching methodologies geared to student needs, learning styles, and future aspiration. To teach effectively means to foster learning in a classroom environment in which students feel comfortable, valued, encouraged, and engaged. My classroom leads students to be active participants in learning thorough small group activities, collaboration, debate, literature reviews, and individual presentations. My foremost objective is to provide students with a breadth of knowledge and pragmatic tools so they can understand the dynamics and tackle challenges of criminal justice, develop new ideas and reassess existing points of view, think critically, respect diversity, and function competently as citizens. 

Undergraduate Courses:

Women’s & Gender Studies

988:298 Special Topics in Women’s & Gender Studies: Queer America, Introduction to LGBT Studies

Criminal Justice

202:449 Ethics and Policy in Criminal Justice

202:302 Statistics for Criminal Justice

202:354 Special Topics in Criminal Justice: Jail and Prison Violence

202:354 Special Topics in Criminal Justice: Serial Killers

Graduate Courses:

202:500 Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice

202:513 Criminology